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Sacred Matrices is committed to offering a synergistic approach to holistic healing and health. The therapies offered are rooted in some of the latest scientific research in health care. 

Please click on any of the links below for more info on NES Health or additional integrative therapies. Please use the topic menu on the left side of the screen for more information on Recommended Links- books, videos,movies, and kundalini yoga, Scheduled Events, and Local & Sustainable Food.

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Please join me and a group of innovative and knowledgeable leaders in the field of bioenergetic medicine in our first US Quantum Energy Medicine Experience July 9-14th 2017! 

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Therapies offered through Sacred Matrices, links and information: 

NES Health Total WellNES System, to include NES ProVisionNES MiHealth and NESTrition, and other integrative therapies to include CranioSacral, SCENAR, and Manual Therapy.

More Info on NES Health for Humans and Animals: Links, Videos, Books, and Movies: 

I invite you to watch these exciting videos and movies on the latest bioenergetic science of healing for humans and animals!

NES Total WellNES System for Animals:

NES Animal System (informational webpage)

NES Animal System Overview(10 min overview video) 

NES Animal Short Live Videos:

NES Total WellNES System for Humans

NES Total WellNES System   (14 min video)  

NES Explained (14 min video)

Free Ebook on NES Healing Yourself and Others by Mastering Energy and Information - by Harry Massey

Infoceutical Lecture Videos - 'The Future is Now - Parts 1-4' by Peter Fraser, The Energetic Drivers, The Energetic Integrators, The Energetic Terrains, and The Energetic Stars

The Living Matrix Movie (approx 1.5 hrs - limited time viewing room access) 

Ongoing NES Health Channels:

I look very forward to serving you and being a part of your health and wellbeing care and maintenance plan. Please see the About Us page for contact info. 

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